The Lovable Horse

At General Timber, we specialize in keeping your horses safe and secure. But many people wonder what all the fuss about horses is in the first place. If you’ve never had the incredible experience of spending time with these lovable animals, a conversation with a rider or caretaker can be quite revealing.


Pet owners can certainly identify with many of the benefits of building a relationship with a horse. It provides companionship and friendship free from the social complications of human relationships. It adds meaning to the life of the owner, building a connection through responsibility and dependence. Horses are more than pets though. They serve as a viable and effective means of transportation.


No motorized vehicle can traverse a natural landscape like a horse. They serve as natural navigators without the loud noises and dirty emissions. Horses are also surprisingly intuitive to control, building intimate relationships with riders based on the slightest tugs or vocal commands. There’s a reason they were a major form of transportation for so many years.


As exhilarating as riding a horse can be, one can have their hair blown back by the simple sight of them. They are truly beautiful creatures that have always been admired for their shiny coats and graceful movements. A symbol of majesty and freedom, the horse is a major part of culture, from carousel rides to major motion pictures.


We could go on for a long time about the lovable horse, but the best way to understand the obsession some have is to experience it for oneself. Take a riding lesson. If you already ride, invite a friend to share moment. Soon enough, new riders will have horses on their minds and in their hearts.


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