Treated Wood Horse Fencing

clementIn order to provide for all consumer needs, General Timber Inc. offers wood fences, fence posts, building poles, rail fences and lumber in two types of preservatives in order to put a stop to biological wood deterioration. Proper penetration and retention of preservatives are essential for a long service life. Creosote pressure treatment, which has been the industry standard for over 100 years, protects wood for more than five times its normal life. Pressure treatment meeting or exceeding AWAPA specifications forces creosote deep into the wood for maximum durability.

General Timber CEO: Clement Williams

General Timber Inc. also treats with a clean, odorless preservative known as CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate). CCA-treated materials are considerably cheaper than their creosote counterpart, and they, too, will stand the test of time by offering you a 20 to 30 year service life. CCA-treated materials are light green in appearance. They fade to a natural wood look after several years of weathering. CCA is much easier to work with, because it is a water-based product.

When creosote materials are used for livestock or horse fencing and enclosures, the problem of crib-biting is eliminated. CCA pressure treatment produces a clean, odorless, oil-free product that has a light green cast, has no bleeding or leaching, and can be painted or stained. This preservative is also pressure impregnated into the cellular structure of wood. Only material that is graded for choice appearance and strength is used to give you the highest quality product. So, whether you choose creosote or CCA, you will be assured of the most versatile, practical, long-lasting, maintenance-free, pressure-treated products available.

General Timber Inc. is a full-service company that meets the needs of the consumer. We provide a high-quality, long-lasting product for a competitive price. For dependability and service, use pressure-treated wood products from General Timber Inc.