A Unique way to Care for your Horse

“There’s an app for that” has become a well-known phrase. Indeed, with today’s smartphones seemingly taking over the way people communicate and use the Internet, apps (applications/computer programs) are becoming popular and useful.


If you use an iPhone and own a horse, there’s a new app that might interest you. The Horse Side Vet Guide is an app designed by an equine veterinarian from New Mexico. It’s meant to help horse caretakers make smart decisions “horse-side.” In essence, it’s like having a vet in your pocket!


It can be costly to have a vet come visit your horse to do a check-up. While The Horse Side Vet Guide doesn’t replace an actual vet checking your horse, it does allow you to read and see key information to help you care for your horse.


According to horsesidevetguide.com, some of the functions the app helps you with include:


  • Observation assistance. In any situation in which you notice and input information about a problem with a horse, the HSVG is designed to show you relevant observations, list what other observations to look for, and tells you how concerned you should be. The HSVG is also designed to alert the user to factors that determine how urgent the situation is and what to do until the veterinarian arrives.


  • Skill Development. The HSVG is designed to provide users with short, concise descriptions, photos, diagrams, and videos to help develop horse health care skills; the user can access the information without an Internet connection.


  • Communication improvement. The app is designed to facilitate communication between users and their local veterinarian by putting contact information at your fingertips to encourage a dialogue.


In addition to a sturdy horse fence, this app can provide you with a peace of mind when taking care of your beloved animal(s). To download the application for iPhone or for further information, please visit https://itunes.apple.com/app/id663353024 or www.horsesidevetguide.com.



Why Horse Facilities Need Quality Fencing

Horse facilities can benefit from a fencing system, but not all systems are suitable for every horse facility. The benefits horses and their owners receive from a quality fence will largely depend on their needs, which makes customizing a fencing system necessary.


Those that choose the barbed wire or too short fence might face more complications than what they planned for. One of the best ways to reduce future problems and expenses is to invest in quality fencing.


Below are reasons why a horse facility should opt for first-rate horse fencing that will prove to be the (second) best asset of their pasture.


  • You can design a quality horse fence layout so there is proper space for grazing, exercise paddocks and hay production.


  • A horse fence eliminates the invasion of unwanted animals.
  • The fence lends better facility management for segregating horses.


  • A quality horse fence is appealing and can add value to the land if you plan on selling it.


  • Customizing your fence allows you to choose proper fencing for different types of horses.


  • An expertly designed fence will allow you to designate where mowers, spreaders and other facility equipment   that pose dangers to the horses are kept.


  • A quality horse fence will keep excited and nervous horses out of the range of dangerous situations.


  • Sturdy fences eliminate horses from being able to knock it down when they feel threatened or have the urge to escape.


  • Quality fences are built with proper dimensions to avoid horses getting body parts stuck in-between the slats.


  • Since horses are far-sighted, it’s essential for a quality fence to be visible from a distance. This limits the chance of the horse running into it.


  • To limit the chance of injuries, a quality fence is one built without sharp edges and built high enough to prevent horses jumping over it.


  • Quality horse fences are guaranteed to last a minimum of 20 years.


At General Timber we make it our mission to build and maintain quality fencing that meets the needs of the above demands. To learn more about our fencing, please feel free to contact us.


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Corral Animals Inside an Agricultural Fence


General Timber builds and maintains agricultural/horse fences. By offering Creosote Pressure Treatment or CCA for a practical, maintenance-free style, General Timber’s fences last longer than most—typically several decades.


If you’ve never lived on farmland and aren’t sure if and where you need a fence, here are some thoughts on the subject.


First up, fences are great for keeping animals contained in the area you want them to be. There are different sizes and shapes that work well for different sized animals—one kind of fence works best for horses, while another works well for a pig pen. General Timber is known for its superb horse fences in particular.


Next, if you’re growing vegetables and other food in a garden on your property, a fence is a good way to keep animal (and human!) intruders out. You don’t want someone or something eating or stealing all the food you’re attempting to grow and harvest.


Finally, it’s a good idea to put your barns, storage sheds and run-in sheds inside a fence. Do you want to have the burden of opening and closing the fence door every time you want to go in and out of an area to get to your barn or shed? No you do not!  Additionally, a fence around the horse’s home will provide them with a better understanding of their boundaries, keeping them safe in the process.


General Timber offers a variety of services that include horse fencing, board fencing, horse corral, fence installation, fence coatings and paintings, and more. Contact them at 800-742-6213 with any inquiries you may have.