Why Horse Facilities Need Quality Fencing

Horse facilities can benefit from a fencing system, but not all systems are suitable for every horse facility. The benefits horses and their owners receive from a quality fence will largely depend on their needs, which makes customizing a fencing system necessary.


Those that choose the barbed wire or too short fence might face more complications than what they planned for. One of the best ways to reduce future problems and expenses is to invest in quality fencing.


Below are reasons why a horse facility should opt for first-rate horse fencing that will prove to be the (second) best asset of their pasture.


  • You can design a quality horse fence layout so there is proper space for grazing, exercise paddocks and hay production.


  • A horse fence eliminates the invasion of unwanted animals.
  • The fence lends better facility management for segregating horses.


  • A quality horse fence is appealing and can add value to the land if you plan on selling it.


  • Customizing your fence allows you to choose proper fencing for different types of horses.


  • An expertly designed fence will allow you to designate where mowers, spreaders and other facility equipment   that pose dangers to the horses are kept.


  • A quality horse fence will keep excited and nervous horses out of the range of dangerous situations.


  • Sturdy fences eliminate horses from being able to knock it down when they feel threatened or have the urge to escape.


  • Quality fences are built with proper dimensions to avoid horses getting body parts stuck in-between the slats.


  • Since horses are far-sighted, it’s essential for a quality fence to be visible from a distance. This limits the chance of the horse running into it.


  • To limit the chance of injuries, a quality fence is one built without sharp edges and built high enough to prevent horses jumping over it.


  • Quality horse fences are guaranteed to last a minimum of 20 years.


At General Timber we make it our mission to build and maintain quality fencing that meets the needs of the above demands. To learn more about our fencing, please feel free to contact us.


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