Removing Creosote Stains From Your Horse

Horse owners have long been dealing with the problem of horses chewing on the fences that are meant to contain and protect them. Often, creosote is used to treat fences and deter horses from chewing through them. This can sometimes result in creosote stains on your horses’ coats that are difficult to completely remove. Fortunately, Denise Hill has recently submitted a tip for getting rid of these stubborn stains.


The answer is eZall adhesive remover, available for purchase at or at select retailers. It comes in 32 ounce and 1 gallon spray bottles. eZall adhesive remover is plant-based and free of petroleum, toxins, and carcinogens, making it a healthy choice for your horses. In fact, all of eZall’s products are bio-based and minimally harmful to the environment.


Use of the product is very simple. Just spray a good amount on the hair of your horse and rinse the coat clean with water. eZall also suggests combing the product into your horses’ hair for a faster breakdown, and giving her a full wash to round out the process. The ugly creosote stain should be a thing of the past.


Other approaches for removing creosote stains include brushing, clipping, or shaving the area affected. Avoid using strong solvents that could damage your horse’s skin or spread to more sensitive parts of their bodies. And always be sure to wash your horse clean after any application. As always, the health and safety of your animals always come first. That’s why we do what we do at General Timber.



Tips for choosing a horse fencing company


Installing exceptional fencing for your horses takes an experienced hand. General Timber has been in business for more than four decades, which means we’ve seen every scenario you can imagine. Since each job presents unique challenges, it’s important to work with a company that can handle any task set by the customer.


While experience is a vital factor, pricing can be just as important. Competitive pricing shows that the company pays attention to the industry in general, but can still meet your specific needs. When looking at a company like General Timber, we make sure our customers receive quality at an affordable price.


Our projects get you set for the long duration as well! Some companies will only consider your needs for the short term, but our guiding hand can help lead you much further in the future. If your need for horse fencing is a new one, let us advise you on the best way to get the job done. A good company will service your needs right away; a great company will service your needs as long as you need them to.  But how can we help you years after?


General Timber can help you long after your fence is installed through our pressure treatment services.  Using creosote and CCA pressure treatments, our fence maintenance services can extend the life and appeal of your fence.  Similarly, our fence coatings will freshen up the look of your fence, and make your fence more aesthetically pleasing.


Ultimately, it’s important to choose a reputable horse fencing company that has experience, integrity and the tools, products and technologies needed to provide you with an investment that will last for years to come.  If you would like to learn more about the qualities that separate General Timber from other businesses, please contact us today.

How Inadequate Fencing Can Harm Your Horse

Horses are a lot like people. Sometimes they like being around each other, and other times they want their own personal space, away from the crowd. Regardless of their mood, it is important to have a proper horse fence to protect and corral your animals.


Have you ever spent a day or two trying to corral a horse?  It can cause a lot of anxiety if you do not have a reliable horse fence, as they could wander off, and get in harm’s way.  It is a near essential for horse owners to have a fence that is dependable and durable, and can keep their beloved horses safe.


Do you have a fence that’s broken? Injuries to horses can occur when logs or rails splinter if broken. That one broken spot could wound your beautiful, expensive horse. It could cause you a lot of headaches, and perhaps some heartache. A broken fence could lead to chaos on the farm, vet bills, and added strain on the other horses kept there while one of their own is injured.


If you have a fence involving wire, a horse or pony can easily be entangled and seriously cut by the wire, sometimes fatally. A wooden fence is better than a wire fence when it comes to horses.


General Timber of Sanford, North Carolina, makes pressure-treated, wooden horse fencing. Maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your fencing for safety’s sake? Keep your livestock and your property in excellent working condition with proper fencing.