You Are Only As Good As the People Around You

Some of the most vital cogs in any business or professional organization are office secretaries.  Most businesses would be lost without their trusted and dedicated secretaries, who often have to juggle a myriad of different jobs each workday.  Put simply, it would be difficult for many businesses to survive without office secretaries who handle many of the day-to-day operations of the business.


With that in mind, General Timber would like to take the time to honor two of our most valued employees; Sandra Smith and Lisa Jenkins, our office secretaries, who are not only friendly and courteous; they are also integral components of our operation.  They have been with us for many years, and their diligence and attention to detail is commendable.  Additionally, they account for 99.9% of all phone sales taken at our office, and it’s safe to say that only truly knowledgeable and organized personnel could handle such a tall task.  As the old adage goes “A first impression is a lasting impression,” and we couldn’t feel any luckier that either Sandra or Lisa is often the first person our customers talk to.  We couldn’t choose better representatives of our business.


We have tremendous confidence in the value and quality of our products, yet products are only as good as the service center behind them.  Here is to hoping that we are blessed with Lisa’s and Sandra’s presence in our service center for many more years to come.

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