Tips for Choosing the Right Fence

There are a variety of factors that horse and animal owners must consider when selecting a fence.  First and foremost, animal owners must put the safety of their livestock and their property first.  The easiest and most surefire way of ensuring this happens is hiring a reputable contractor that has the knowledge and proficiency needed to install premium fencing, and will also take accountability for their work.


Each property owner is going to have different needs, specifically with the type of fencing and the exact dimensions they will need for their property and animals.  For instance, the height of the fence is crucial.  In order to properly control livestock, the height of the fence should be determined by how tall the animals are and how high they can jump.


Another important factor to consider is the durability of the fence.  What type of wood will you be choosing?  What type of treatment has the wood undergone?  The last thing owners want is to have to replace a deteriorated fence in a few years.  Again, going to a reputable contractor should help ensure this doesn’t happen.  For instance, here at General Timber, we provide superior wood treatments, ensuring the fences we install remain extraordinarily durable.  Our treatments can extend the life of a fence substantially, perhaps even taking a fence that would normally last 7 years and extend its life to 21 years.


Furthermore, homeowners must take into account how much space their animals will need to roam.  Owners must decide what the right boundary is for their home, be it a distinct boundary that is just large enough for animals to meander, or a more simple pasture divider.  Moreover, the owner and contractor must ascertain what is the most convenient place on the property to install the fence, as well as choose the right spot for a swing gate or other entrance door.


In addition to selecting a durable fence that has the right dimensions for your livestock, property owners must also consider the fence’s appeal.  Owners should want a fence that complements their home or ranch, and makes their property more aesthetically pleasing.


If you have any questions about finding the right fence for your livestock, please contact us.


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3 Responses to “Tips for Choosing the Right Fence”

  1. Ridley Fitzgerald

    Thanks for the tips for finding the right fence. MY wife and i think it’s time to put one in, but choosing the right kind can be hard! Durability is definitely what we’re looking at, so finding a wood that will last for a long time is our goal.

  2. Hannah Neilson

    I agree that you need to consider how much space you need when fencing in your pets. It would be good to consider this because it would show the size of a fence. My sister is looking for a fencing contractor, so she’ll have to find someone who can put in the right sized fence.

  3. Michael Robinson

    I really like everything that you had to say here in regards to choosing the right fence company! Just like you mentioned, every property is different, and so you will need to make sure that you get the right kind of fence for what you need. We have a pretty small dog, and we think that it would be best if we could get a fence that does not have any holes in it. Thanks again for the post, and we will make sure that it is very durable and can last us many years.


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