Designing and implementing fencing for a large scale area is an important process when you own or manage livestock. Choosing the right materials is vital to controlling costs while at the same time ensuring a certain level of quality. Using CCA, or copper chromate arsenate, treated timber can result in great deal of benefits.


After the wood is treated with this colorless and odorless preservative, the timber can remain durable for up to thirty years. This preservative treatment has similar effects to creosote treated materials, however they are roughly ten percent cheaper. That automatically makes your bottom line look better in both the short and long run.


CCA is a water based product and easy to work with. The wood will take on a natural look after a few years of weathering, and the initial green tint will fade. The largest benefit of CCA treatments is that the threat of crib-biting, or when a horse chews not the fencing, is greatly reduced if not completely eliminated. CCA pressure gives a clean treatment to the timber, which makes it much safer for the animals being fenced in.


Since timber fencing is a long-term investment, it makes sense that you want to have a high quality material in place that can withstand the test of time. While creosote treatments do have many advantages, CCA treated timber has been proven to meet various high standards.


Keep your horses or other livestock contained and safe by using a more cost effective material that does not relinquish effectiveness or durability! You don’t ever want your fence to look like the one below!

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